Craft Beer from Kymenlaakso

Brewery Hoppa, which brews craft beers in Kouvola, Kymenlaakso region, is a small privately owned, family-run brewery that aims to produce high-quality accessible classic beers. The brewery is part of a complex that includes Vanha Kauppa: a beautiful old commercial building, Hoppa Brewery and a production space in the nearby Kymin Ruukki area. Vanha Kauppa serves as Hoppa´s outlet and taproom.


Hoppa's beers are made in culturally significant milieu in Kymin Ruukki and in the old centre of Kuusankoski. Hoppa's outlet and taproom Vanha Kauppa-The Old General Store, built in 1925, is a provincial value destination.

Classic Beers

Vanha Kauppa-The Old General Store

Hoppa Brewery

Hoppa Brewery in Kymin Ruukki

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